A Guide to Adding Watercolor to Wood Burned Art

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Introducing watercolor to your wood burned project adds a vibrant and contemporary touch to your creations. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of combining wood burning with watercolor to bring a spectrum of colors to your projects.

Walnut Hollow Basswood Plank

1. Project Preparation

Before diving into the world of watercolor, ensure your wood canvas is ready for the infusion of color.

a. Choose the Right Wood:

Select a smooth wood surface such as basswood or birch. A finely sanded and clean canvas provides an ideal foundation for watercolor application.

b. Complete the Wood Burning:

Execute your wood burning design before applying watercolor. The burnt lines will serve as a guide when adding color.

2. Watercolor Application

Watercolor brings a delicate touch to wood burned projects, allowing for subtle blending and nuanced shades.

a. Select Your Watercolors:

Choose a watercolor palette that complements your wood burning design. Experiment with different colors to achieve the desired vibrancy.

b. Prep Your Workspace:

Lay down protective material to prevent any spills or mess. Ensure good ventilation, especially if you're using sealants or fixatives.

c. Base Layer Brilliance:

Start with a thin base layer of watercolor. This initial wash primes the wood surface and enhances the absorption of subsequent layers.

d. Building Layers:

Gradually build up layers, allowing each to dry completely before applying the next. Layering allows you to create depth and intensity in your colors.

e. Blending Techniques:

Experiment with blending techniques to achieve smooth transitions between colors. The porous nature of the wood allows for unique blending effects.

f. Adding Detail and Highlights:

Use finer brushes for detailed work and adding highlights. This step is crucial for bringing out specific features in your wood burning design.

3. Sealing the Colors

To ensure the longevity and protection of your watercolor-enhanced wood burned project, follow these sealing steps:

a. Clear Fixative or Sealant:

Apply a clear fixative or sealant over the dried watercolor to protect the colors and prevent smudging.

b. Allow for Complete Drying:

Ensure your project is entirely dry before handling or displaying it. This prevents any unintended blending or damage to the watercolor.

4. Displaying Your Watercolor-Infused Wood Burned Art

Once your masterpiece is complete and sealed, consider adding a sawtooth hanger to display your piece proudly.

With watercolor as your ally, you can transform your burnt wood canvas into a vibrant and visually stunning work of art. Enjoy the process of adding color and life to your wood burned creations.

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    Thank you for this lesson! I’m anxious to try it!

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