What do we believe?

Walnut Hollow believes in sustainable practices that empower makers to feel good about their creativity and purchasing choices. And that comes straight from our roots.

Our parent company is the largest manufacturer and distributor of wood products in North America. That means nothing is more important to our mission than maintaining a healthy environment where trees can grow and thrive.

The trees we purchase are agricultural products that have been grown and harvested intentionally, responsibly, and specifically for lumber. They're also recyclable and biodegradable. In fact, they typically require less energy and natural resources to manufacture than other raw materials. It's one of the reasons we love making wood products! Trees are one of the most sustainable and renewable resources in the world.

  • We review and monitor our suppliers through regular communication, on-site visits, and independent certification of their operations and standards.
  • We continue to increase our number of third-party certified vendors to verify the environmentally sound business practices of our suppliers.

Once the wood reaches our facility, we abide by our own whole-log theory, minimizing waste by using every part of every log, and utilizing a recovery system that gives our sawdust a second life as livestock bedding.

As we grow, we're keeping sustainability at the forefront, working toward the day when we can all leave our unique fingerprint on our creations without leaving our footprint on the planet.