Create a Christmas Charcuterie on a Custom Cutting Board

Crafting a Christmas charcuterie board is a delightful and imaginative way to present an array of delectable treats for your holiday gathering. We're excited to share some heartwarming ideas to help you assemble a Christmas-themed charcuterie board that will bring joy to your celebration.

Walnut Hollow Custom Cutting Board


  • Begin the festive journey by adding a personal touch starting with a cutting board that features your family name. Our Custom Cherry Cutting Boards can be personalized with your family name. This thoughtful addition not only creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere but also serves as a cherished keepsake for future holiday gatherings.
  • You can also woodburn your family name on the board following these easy steps to personalize your board.
  • Arrange a delightful selection of cheeses, each boasting diverse shapes, colors, and textures. Think about including a delightful mix of soft and hard cheeses, such as brie, camembert, cheddar, and gouda.
  • Utilize cookie cutters shaped like festive holiday symbols to add a playful touch.


  • Introduce a medley of savory cured meats, such as prosciutto, salami, and chorizo.
  • Elevate the visual appeal by rolling or folding the meats in an artistic manner.

Crackers and Bread:

  • Offer an enticing assortment of crackers and breadsticks, with some featuring seasonal flavors like rosemary or cranberry.
  • Include thinly sliced baguette or breadsticks for a delightful textural variation.


  • Infuse freshness with a burst of color by incorporating fresh fruits like grapes, raspberries and apple slices.
  • Sweeten the arrangement with dried fruits such as apricots or figs.
  • Emphasize red and green fruits.


  • Create a delightful mix of nuts, including almonds, walnuts, or pecans. For a sweet twist, consider adding candied nuts.

Spreads and Dips:

  • Bring festive flavors to the forefront by including holiday-themed spreads like cranberry sauce, fig jam, or honey.
  • Complement the spread with a savory dip such as hummus or a Christmas flavored cream cheese in cinnamon, cranberry or gingerbread.


  • Introduce a touch of freshness with crisp vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, radishes, cucumber slices, or colorful bell pepper strips.
  • Consider adding pickles or olives for a delightful briny element.
  • Emphasize red and green vegetables.

Chocolate and Sweets:

  • Delight your guests with holiday-themed chocolates, truffles, or candies.
  • Sweeten the deal further with chocolate-covered pretzels or holiday-themed cookies.


  • Elevate the festive spirit by decorating the board with fresh herbs like rosemary or thyme.
  • Consider adding edible flowers in red or white for a playful pop of color.


  • Consider a Christmas themed design.  A wreath shape can be created on a circle-shaped board.  A tree shape can be created on a rectangular board.
  • Arrange the items in inviting clusters or create sections to maintain visual appeal.

As you embark on creating your Christmas charcuterie board, remember to tailor it to your preferences and those of your guests. 

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