3 Ways to Use Wood Slice Ornaments This Winter

As the holiday season approaches, bring a touch of warmth and creativity to your decorations with wood slice ornaments. The natural bark edging adds a charming touch, making these decorations a versatile addition to your Christmas holidays. We're excited to share three ways to incorporate these charming ornaments into your holiday décor:


Wood slice basswood ornament


1. Tree Ornaments: Picture this – your Christmas tree adorned with the timeless beauty of wood slices. It's a canvas waiting for your personal touch. Get creative by personalizing each slice with holiday designs or family initials using paint or markers. Watch as your tree transforms into a sentimental showcase of cherished memories.


Wood slice ornament basswood gift tag


2. Personalized Gift Tags: Elevate your gift-giving experience with wood slice ornaments as personalized tags. Attach them with twine, and let your imagination flow as you inscribe recipients' names or heartfelt messages directly onto the wood. These unique tags become more than just decorations; they turn into keepsakes, spreading the joy of gift-giving well beyond the holiday season.


Wood slice ornament basswood gift tag


3. Charming Place Setting Name Tags: Set a welcoming and creative tone at your holiday table with wood slice name tags. Use them as delightful napkin holders or place them directly on plates, adding a natural and cozy touch to your table décor. 

Whether they're adorning your tree, enhancing gifts, or adding a personal touch to your table settings, embrace the warmth of wood and unleash your creativity with these unique and versatile ornaments. Let this holiday season be a canvas for your imagination, creating moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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