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Walnut Hollow® Products:

  • #5570 Creative Woodburner® Value Pen
  • #27669 Basswood Country Round, Small
  • #1095 Graphite Transfer Paper

Other Supplies:

  • Strawberry Pattern
  • Eraser
  • Glass or tin container (for hot points)
  • Paper towel
  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray varnish
  • Stylus or pen
  • Tape
  • Wood sealer



  1. Before using hot tool, read through all instructions and follow all safety precautions.  Attach Cone Point to tool.  Tighten with pliers.  Secure stand to hard, heat resistant surface with tape.  Place tool on stand.  Plug into electric outlet.  Let heat for 4-5 minutes.  Practice on a scrap of wood to get a feel for the tool before beginning project.

  2. To prepare wood for woodburning, use sandpaper to lightly sand surface.  Wipe off dust with paper towel.. 

  3. To transfer pattern, place pattern on center of plaque and tape in place.  Slide graphite paper (carbon side down) between pattern and plaque.  Use stylus or pen to trace over entire pattern.  Remove pattern and graphite paper.  Save graphite paper as it can be used several times.

  4. To woodburn pattern, hold woodburner as if holding a pen.  Use Cone Point to trace over all lines of the pattern.  Do not press hard.  Let the Point glide over the wood.  When tracing is complete, turn off woodburner to cool.  Use pliers to remove Cone Point and drop Point in glass or tin container. 

  5. Attach Shading Point to tool.  Follow directions for use as stated in #1.  Use Shading Point to add dimension to leaves and strawberries as shown in photo.  Using the flat side of Shading Point, shade under the stems and along the outer edge of the strawberry.  Shade at the base of the leaves and along the vein.  Lightly shade the dimple areas of the strawberries.  When complete, unplug tool and let cool.

  6. Use eraser to completely remove any visible graphite lines. 

  7. Apply a wood sealer. (An effective wood sealer can be made using clear shellac and denatured alcohol.  Mix equal amounts of each and store in labeled container.  Stir before using.  Apply with foam brush which can be saved for future use.)  Let dry.  Use a very fine sand paper or a piece of brown paper or cardboard to sand entire surface.  This will bring out the wood grain.

  8. Apply 2-3 light coats of spray varnish for a protective finish.

Designed by Pam Hawkins for Walnut Hollow®