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Stencil-Project-Pear-Design-Round-PlaqueWalnut Hollow® Products: 

  • Circle Plaque #1618

Other Supplies:

  • Delta Stencil Magic #956150018 Pear Border
  • Delta Stencil Magic #952390012 Whimsical Dot Alphabet
  • Paint:  Light Tan, White, Medium Brown, Yellow, Medium Green, Light Green, Medium Pink, Light Pink                                                      
  • Stencil Brushes-Small and Medium
  • Natural Sponge
  • Paper plates
  • Paper towel
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood sealer
  • Spray varnish
  • Tape


  1. To prepare wood for painting, apply wood sealer to entire surface.  Let dry.  Use sandpaper to lightly sand entire wood surface.  Remove dust with paper towel.

  2. Pour a small amount of white and light tan paint onto a paper plate.  Dampen natural sponge.  Use natural sponge to sponge paint on wood surface.  Dip one end of sponge into white paint and lightly dab paint onto surface.  Pick up some light tan with the other side of the sponge and dab tan paint onto the surface.  Go back and forth with the two colors of paint until they are partially blended and a sponged effect is achieved.  Let dry.  Rinse sponge and let dry.

  3. Refer to photo for suggestions.  Choose a portion of the Pear Stencil and center it on the plaque.  Use tape to secure in place.  Pour small amounts of all the remaining paints onto a paper plate.  Use medium stencil brush to add yellow to the pears.  Pick up a small amount of yellow paint.  Tap off excess onto a paper towel.  Paint the pears using an up and down tapping motion.  Clean off brush on the paper towel.  Pick up a little medium brown and lightly shade some of the areas of the pears.  Always tap off excess paint onto a paper towel.  Continue doing the leaves with two shades of green and the blossoms with two shades of pink.  Use a small brush when doing small areas.  Paint the branch medium brown.  When complete, let dry.

  4. To stencil the word PEAR, position the P from the Whimsical Dot Stencil above the pear design.  Tape in place.  Use small stencil brush with medium brown paint to paint the P.  Continue with the EAR in the same manner.  When complete, let dry.

  5. Apply 2-3 coats of spray varnish for a protective finish.  

Designed by Pam Hawkins for Walnut Hollow®