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Shirtwaists-Coresets-Wood-Panel-ProjectWalnut Hollow® Products:

  • #38283 Creative Versa-Tool®
  • #29840 Wood Panel, 10” x 10”  

Other Supplies:

  • Stampendous®: Rose Corset Stamp, Shirtwaists Stamp
  • Tsukineko®: StazOn® Royal Purple stamp pad, Lilac Posies and Pear Tart Memento™ Markers
  • Tombow®: MONO Multi Liquid Glue
  • Darice®: Kraft Paper
  • Tulip®: Glam-It-Up™ Iron-On Glass Crystals
  • Ceramic dish or mug
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Metal ruler
  • Paper trimmer
  • Pencil
  • Pliers
  • Masking tape   



  1. After reading all manufacturers instructions found inside the Creative Versa-Tool, use pliers to attach Universal Point on Tool. Secure Tool Stand to work surface with tape. Place Tool on Stand. Plug into electric outlet, turn Versa-Temp control dial to Red Zone and heat for 4-5 minutes.

  2. To measure sections on the Wood Panel, use a pencil with metal ruler to mark ¼” border around all top edges. Measuring from the left side, mark a ¼” wide vertical divider line at 3 7/8” – 4 1/8”. From the top, measure down 4 ¾”- 5” for the horizontal divider line from the right side to the vertical divider line.

  3. Use the metal ruler as a guide to keep lines straight. Woodburn all vertical and horizontal lines on Panel with Universal Point. Lay the tip of the Point down on the wood and press down on the edge of the blade pulling towards you. In the square created by the lines meeting, make an “x” mark with the Universal Point by touching the edge of the blade one way, then cross that line with another line. Use pliers to remove Universal Point, dropping it into the ceramic dish.

  4. Attach Shading Point with pliers. Shade the sides of the Panel. Also shade here and there on the ¼” sections that divide the Panel top. When shading is complete, turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Orange Zone.

  5. Use Royal Purple ink to stamp 2 images of Shirtwaists and 1 image of Rose Corset on kraft colored paper.

  6. Use paper trimmer to cut Shirtwaist images 3 ½” x 4 ¾”. Rose Corset image should be cut to measure 3” x 4 ¾”.

  7. To add a vintage look to the kraft paper, hold the Tool with Shading Point in one hand the paper in the other. Use the Point to burn paper edges. Use pliers to remove Point dropping it into the ceramic dish.

  8. Attach the Flow Point to the Tool using pliers. Turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Yellow-Orange Zone.

  9. Pear Tart and Lilac Posies Markers are used to add color to the stamp images. Also add Pear Tart to the ¼” shaded sections on Panel top. Add Lilac Posies to the “x” squares.

  10. Adhere paper to the Panel with Multi Liquid Glue, smoothing paper with fingertips.

  11. Place the clear iron-on glass crystals over the “x” squares. Adhere each crystal by holding the tool perpendicular to the surface. Place the tip of the Flow Point on the top of the crystal and allow the heat to penetrate the crystal to melt the adhesive underneath. You will feel the adhesive melt.

  12. Use same technique to adhere the clear iron-on glass crystals on the “stands” in the stamp images. Turn Versa-Temp control dial to “O” (off).

Designed by Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow®