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  • Walnut Hollow 38283 Creative Versa-Tool™
  • K&Company Brenda Walton Dollhouse Scrap Pad to Go #315105
  • K&Company Brenda Walton Embossed Stickers #550476
  • Foam Core Board

Other Supplies:  Adhesive Spray, decorative paper (3 coordinating pieces), decorative cording, paint, paint brush, pencil and paper, pliers, scissors, spray varnish, stick pins, tape


  1. Use a pencil and scissors to create a template of a scallop shape onto paper.  Fold paper in half.  On open side, draw half of the scallop shape.  Cut with scissors.  Unfold paper for a full scallop shape.  Use pencil to trace scallop shape onto foam core board.

  2. Before using Creative Versa-Tool™ read directions and follow all safety precautions.  Attach Hot Knife to tool.  Tighten with pliers.  Use tape to secure stand to hard surface.  Place tool on stand.  Plug into electric outlet, turn switch on, and let heat for 4 -5 minutes.  Practice on a scrap of foam core board before beginning project.  Place foam core board on glass surface or hold with one hand and cut with the other.  Remember the knife is not only hot, but very sharp.  Cut along traced pencil lines.  When finished, turn switch off and unplug tool.

  3. Use brush to paint foam core board.  Let dry and apply second coat if needed.  Let dry.

  4. Apply 2-3 coats of spray varnish to back and sides of frame.

  5. Using the same scallop template, trace the shape onto the back of decorative scrapbook paper.  Use scissors to carefully cut along traced lines.  Use adhesive spray to adhere paper to foam core board.  Smooth out any wrinkles.  Remove any excess paper with scissors.

  6. Refer to photo for suggestions.  Choose photo.  Use adhesive spray to adhere photo to larger decorative paper.  Layer onto another larger piece of plain cardstock and adhere to center of frame with adhesive spray.

  7. Attach embossed stickers.

  8. Use fabric or craft glue to adhere decorative cording around picture frame.  Use same cording for hanger.  Use stick pins to hold cording in place until glue dries.

Designed by Janet Wilhelm for Walnut Hollow®