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  • Walnut Hollow® #3219  Classic Box
  • Artgirlz™ Green Creativity Pack & handmade papers
  • Artgirlz™ pewter charms - “don’t panic”, straight arms & striped legs
  • Cardstock - black, white, light pink, bright pink, neon green, neon orange & turquoise
  • Forster Woodsies wood shapes - four 1 1/4” circles & eight 1” mini-spring clothespins
  • Assorted embellishments - three 3mm round clear rhinestones, 1/8” white elastic, 1 3/8” button, four 1” round mirrors, six 1/8” round silver eyelets
  • 20 & 16 gauge silver wire
  • Autumn Leaves Swirls clear stamps by Rhonna Farrer
  • DecoArt Americana acrylic paint - Electric Pink, Bright Green, Calypso Blue & Wild Orchid
  • Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry™ Paper Glue
  • Miscellaneous items - scissors, electric drill & small drill bit, 1/8” & 1” circle punches, sewing machine & black sewing thread, rubber alphabet stamps, black & white photo for doll’s face, sandpaper, colored chalks, adhesive foam squares

NOTE: Tag, colored cord, fabric curtain, face on tag, designs on t-shirts, black & white border, felt and beads are included in Artgirlz™ Creativity Pack.


  1. Drill holes in sides of box lid for curtain cord and elastic loop.  Drill holes in sides of box bottom for clotheslines and button.  Paint sides of box lid with Calypso Blue.  Paint side of box bottom with Wild Orchid.  Let dry and then lightly sand surface and edges of box.

  2. Cover outside of lid with four same size rectangles of Artgirlz™ papers, stamping swirls on solid colors, placed in opposite corners.

  3. To finish outside of lid, cut a 1 1/2” square around Artgirlz™ face; glue to a 1 3/4” black cardstock square and glue angled on tag.  Rouge chalk on Artgirlz™ cheeks.  Stamp “what to wear” on tag with black ink.  Print question mark on white cardstock.  Cut rectangle around question mark; glue to a slightly large black rectangle and glue to tag after “wear”.  Glue rhinestones on Artgirlz™ glasses and bottom of question mark.  Insert cord through hole in “don’t panic” charm and tie into a bow.  Glue to bottom of tag.  Adhere tag angled on box front, using adhesive foam squares.

  4. To finish inside of box lid, stamp swirls on white cardstock.  Cut white cardstock to fit sides and back of lid, and glue.  Trim length of fabric, if needed, to fit inside box.  Punch six evenly spaced holes across top of fabric and attach eyelets.  Insert cord through eyelets and holes in lid, knotting ends on outside of lid.  Paint wood circles with Bright Green, Wild Orchid, Electric Pink and Calypso Blue.  Let dry and then sand edges.  Glue mirrors unevenly to wood circles.  Glue wood circles to right side of lid. 

  5. To finish inside of box bottom, cover sides and back with same four papers as front, dividing it into four equal sections.  Cut t-shirt shapes from turquoise, bright pink, light pink and neon green cardstock.  Punch 1” circles around Artgirlz™ designs and glue to center of t-shirts.  Sew a machine straight stitch around t-shirts close to edges.  Insert cord through holes in box and make knots on outside of box for clotheslines.  Use clothespins to attach t-shirts to clotheslines. 

  6. Cut and glue black & white Artgirlz™ paper around inside edges of box lid and bottom. Glue bright pink cardstock to back of box.  Insert elastic through holes in button and box bottom, and knot on inside.  Insert another piece of elastic through holes in lid and knot on inside, making sure elastic loop will fit around button.

  7. To finish doll, cut out face and neck from photo.  Rouge cheeks and color hair with chalks.  Make a t-shirt from neon orange cardstock the same as inside of box.  Cut a 2” x 4” rectangle from light green felt for skirt.  Hand sew a basting stitch across top; pull stitches tightly to gather and knot to secure.  Glue face and skirt to back of t-shirt.  Attach 20 gauge wire through arm and leg charms and twist together behind clothing to make doll shape.  Glue wire doll shape to back of clothing and then glue strips of felt to wire to secure it.  Place beads on 26 gauge wire for bracelet and earrings and twist ends together to attach to doll.

Designed by Mary Ayres for Walnut Hollow®