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  • Walnut Hollow Creative Versa-Tool™ #38283
  • Canvas Apron 
  • Four different patterns of fabric
  • Fusible Web
  • Laser computer printout of “Beauty blooms in the garden as it does in the heart” with image reversed
  • Sizzix Die Cutter and #38-0241 (star) and 38-0224 (flower #1)

Other Supplies:  Container for hot points, metal ruler, pliers, scissors, tape, wooden surface


  1. Attach Transfer Point to Creative Versa-Tool.  Tighten with pliers.  Secure stand to hard surface with tape.  Set Creative Versa-Tool™ on stand.  Plug into electric outlet.  Let heat for 4-5 minutes.

  2. Center computer printout on apron approximately six inches from top with image side down.  Tape top so that paper can be lifted during transferring.  Use Transfer Point by pressing point onto paper, moving in a circular motion.  Keep the point moving to keep from burning fabric.  Lift bottom of paper often to see how the transfer is progressing.  When all the words have been transferred, remove paper.  Unplug tool, let cool and remove Transfer Point. 

  3. Attach Long Mini-Flow Point.  Follow directions for use as listed above.  Using the Long Mini-Flow Point, carefully follow the lines of the garden phrase.  Use a light touch and let the point glide over the transferred letters.  When complete, unplug tool and let cool.

  4. Attach Quilt Block Point.  Follow directions for use as listed above.  Approximately six inches from bottom of apron and eight inches from left side, begin making the flower pot.  Place a metal ruler on fabric that indicates the bottom of the flower pot.  Hold or tape in place so first line is straight.  Begin pressing Quilt Block Point onto fabric for first block.  The second block will be created by overlapping two squares on the right side of block   Follow same procedure for remaining six blocks.  For second row, carefully move one square to the left and continue across entire line.  Make six rows of quilt blocks following this same procedure.  Unplug tool and let cool.  

  5. Prepare fabric to create flowers and leaves by fusing fusible web to fabric.  Follow directions on fusible web packaging.  Use Sissix Die Cutter to create flowers.  To create leaves, use scissors to cut fabric in shape of leaves.

  6. Attach Universal Point.  Follow directions as before.  Create flower stems by holding tool with Universal Point and draw a line from the top of where the flower will start down to the flower pot.  Hold the tool as if holding a pencil.  Go slowly and do not press hard.  Make as many stems as you have flowers.  Unplug tool.  Let cool.

  7. Attach Trowel Point to tool.  Remove fusible backing from flowers and leaves.  Place onto fabric.  Use Trowel Point to secure flowers and leaves to apron.  Simply press point onto fabric as if using a little iron.  Unplug tool and let cool.

  8. Attach Long Mini-Flow Point to tool.  When heated, create vein lines in the leaves and dots in center of star flowers.


Designed by Janet Wilhelm for Walnut Hollow®