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Walnut Hollow® Products:

  • 38283 Creative Versa-Tool®

Other Supplies:

  • Foam Pumpkins
  • Candle Jars
  • Basswood Country Rounds
  • Graphite Transfer Paper
  • Silk Flower Bunch – Fall Color of Choice
  • Pliers
  • Low Heat Glue Gun (or Strong Liquid Glue)
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Plain Paper – White
  • Stylus (or Ball Point Pen)
  • Tweezers


  1. After reading all manufacturers instructions found inside the Creative Versa-Tool, use pliers to attach HotKnife Point on the Tool. Secure the tool Stand to the work surface with tape. Place the Tool on the Stand. Plug into electric outlet, turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Red Zone and heat for 4-5 minutes.

  2. Place Candle Jar lid over pumpkin stem. Use pencil to draw “cut” line around lid. Use HotKnife Point to cut around stem. Remove top cut portion of pumpkin.

  3. Make 6 copies of diamond pattern. Place around pumpkin, first on seams, then eye-balling 2 more diamonds between seams, approximately 3” from cut top. Tape to secure patterns. Use graphite transfer paper under diamond pattern to trace onto pumpkin with stylus. Cut out all diamond shapes with HotKnife Point. You will notice that the pumpkin is a little thicker near the seams. Remove HotKnife Point. 

  4. Turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Orange Zone. Attach Shading Point. Woodburn leaf design using Shading Point around outside edge of Basswood Country Round. Use edge of Point to make stems, pulling out from each leaf. Remove Shading Point.

  5. Turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Yellow-Orange Zone. Attach Flow Point on Tool. Use tweezers to place iron-on crystals around diamond shape. Holding Tool perpendicular to the crystal, adhere by touching the Point on the crystal. The heat from the Tool will flow through the crystal to melt the adhesive. You will feel the adhesive “move” on the back of the crystal. Lift off and let crystal cool. Remove Flow Point.

  6. Adhere Candle Jar to top of pumpkin with low temp glue gun or strong liquid glue.

  7. Turn Versa-Temp control dial to the Orange Zone. Attach Tapered Point using pliers. Use wire cutter part of pliers to cut flowers and leaves off each stem leaving about 1” stem.  Burn holes into the pumpkin just under the Jar. Place stems into the holes. 


Create smaller pumpkin following the instructions above eliminating #3. Use your choice of Hot Stamps that come with the Creative Versa-Tool to decorate the edge of the Basswood Country Round. The iron-on crystals are placed here and there on the pumpkin.

Designed by Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow®