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Walnut Hollow® Product:

  • #24422 HotMarks

Other Supplies:

  • K & Co™ SMASH™ Journal
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Stickers 
  • Glass or Ceramic Dish, small
  • Pliers
  • Tape 


  1. After reading all manufacturers instructions found with the HotMarks, use pliers to attach the Mini Flow Point tightly on the Tool. Secure the Tool Stand to the work surface with tape. Place the HotMarks on the Stand. Plug into an electric outlet, press the switch “On” and heat for 4-5 minutes. As always, it is best to practice on scrap paper before burning directly on your project.

  2. Using the Mini Flow Point as you would a writing pen, slowly burn the cardboard cover following the debossed lines on the cardboard. Add dots in the center of the debossed “dots” on the cover by holding HotMarks perpendicular to the surface. Place tip of Point in “dot” and burn the cardboard.

  3. Carefully use pliers to remove the Mini Flow Point and attach different Stamping Points to burn stamp designs in “squares” on cover. Hold the HotMarks with the Stamp perpendicular to the surface as before. Place the Stamp on the surface to burn the stamp design. As you remove each Stamp Point, drop it into a ceramic dish – remember it is hot and you don’t want to burn your work surface.

  4. Use pliers to attach the Calligraphy Point securely on the Tool. Use it to personalize your Smash* Journal. When complete, switch HotMarks “Off”. Cool completely.

  5. Add paper flower stickers along the binding of the Journal.

Designed by Chris Wallace for Walnut Hollow®