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Walnut Hollow® Products:

  • Keepsake Box #3211
  • Creative Woodburner® Value Pen #5570
  • Wood Letters & Punctuation
Other Supplies:
  • Colored Pencils
  • Decorative Scrapbook Paper (several different patterns)
  • Drill with small drill bit
  • Scrapbook Accessories
  • Decorative Stamps and ink pad
  • Wooden Beads
  • Wood Stain
  • 20” of heavy wire for handle
  • Brush
  • Container for hot tips
  • Decoupage medium, glue
  • Paper towel
  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Scissors or wire cutter
  • Spray varnish
  • Tape



  1. To prepare wood for staining and woodburning, use sandpaper to lightly sand entire wood surface.  Remove dust with paper towel.

  2. Before using hot tool, read through all instructions and follow all safety precautions.  Attach Shading Point to Creative Woodburner.  Tighten with pliers.  Secure stand to hard surface with tape.  Place tool on stand.  Plug into electric outlet and let heat for 4-5 minutes.  Practice on a scrap of wood before starting project.

  3. Use Shading Point to shade edges of the front and back of box.   Use Shading Point to also create a leaf design along edges of the box, both front and back.  Refer to photo for ideas.  Press Point down and gently rock back and forth to form a leaf.  When complete, unplug tool and let cool.  Attach Universal Point to tool.  Follow directions for use as stated in #2.  Use Universal Point to draw a vine from one leaf to another.  When complete, unplug tool and let cool.

  4. Use brush to apply stain to entire box, beads, and letters.  Follow directions on container for use.  Remove excess stain with paper towel.  Let dry.

  5. Use colored pencils to add color to woodburned leaves.

  6. Tear different shapes of different decorative scrapbook paper.  Use decoupage medium to adhere the collage of papers to the front and back of box inside the woodburned and shaded areas.

  7. Use glue to adhere scrapbook accessories and letters.  Use stamps to embellish box. 

  8. Use drill with small drill bit to drill a hole on each side of latch to add handle.  Push wire through one hole and bend over end to secure in place.  String beads until desired length is reached.  Push end of wire through other hole and secure in place.  Remove any excess wire with scissors or wire cutter

  9. Apply 2-3 coats of spray varnish for a protective finish.