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Walnut Hollow® Products:

  • #38283 Creative Versa-Tool™
  • #27670 Basswood Country Round

Other Supplies: 

  • Three Wooden Stars
  • Delta Stencil Magic #95 412 0012 Block Alphabet
  • Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint:  Empire Gold, Red Iron Oxide
  • Fabric scraps:  green, two shades of brown, green and beige ticking
  • 2 Small Nails 
  • Craft Glue  
  • Fine Sandpaper 
  • Fusible Webbing 
  • Hammer
  • Large Jute 
  • Pencil
  • Pliers 
  • Small Flat Brush 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape   


Before starting project, read all instructions on Creative Versa-Tool™ packaging.  Follow all safety precautions.  Attach Flow Point to Creative Versa-Tool™.  Tighten with pliers.  Secure stand to work surface with tape.  Place tool on stand. Plug into electric outlet.  Let heat for 4-5 minutes. Practice on old scrap of wood before beginning project. 

  1. To prepare wood, use fine sandpaper to sand Country Round to a smooth finish.

  2. Refer to photo for placement of  “CABIN SWEET CABIN’”.    Position stencil  and tape in place.  Trace each letter with pencil.

  3. To woodburn letters, use Creative Versa-Tool™ with Flow Point.   As if writing with a pen, apply light, even pressure.  Do not press hard.  Let the tool do the work.  Unplug Creative Versa-Tool™.   Let cool. 

  4. Remove Flow Point from Creative Versa-Tool™.  Attach Transfer Point.  Tighten with pliers.   Let heat for  4-5 minutes.   Place fabric scraps on fusible webbing.  Place a sheet of paper over fabric and lightly press Transfer Point onto paper until the heat fuses the fabric to the fusible webbing.  Refer to photo for shapes and sizes.    Use scissors to cut shape of cabin, trees and ground.  Use Transfer Point to adhere fabric to Country Round in same manner as described above. 

  5. To paint 3 Stars, use small flat brush with Empire Yellow and shade top edges with Red Iron Oxide.  Let dry.  Use craft glue to adhere in place.

  6. Cut 10” of jute with scissors.  Tie a knot at each end.  Glue knots to top of Round and secure using  hammer and 2 small nails.   Cut a 15” strip of green fabric and tie into a bow in middle of jute.           


Designed by Holly Witt-Allen for Walnut Hollow®